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Preparing Secondary Students for Work

VET self-assessment tool for schools


VET self-assessment tool for schools 


About the self-assessment tool

The self-assessment tool is designed to assist schools plan, implement and review vocational education and training (VET) programmes that offer nationally recognised qualifications from industry-developed training packages or accredited courses. It can be used by schools across all educational sectors to evaluate and improve the quality of VET delivery and can be applied to individual VET programmes or form part of a whole school approach to review VET delivered to secondary students.

The self-assessment tool is designed to be used by both experienced VET practitioners and those new to delivering VET to identify areas requiring improvement and support actions to enhance the quality of VET programmes. The tool provides guidance on good practice and directs users to supporting information and resources based on responses against each section. 

Updated versions of the self-assessment tool will be released throughout 2016 as further supporting resources are developed in consultation with states and territories. Resources will include case studies to guide good practice, templates and checklists.

Getting started

Click on the button below  for further information and to access the self-assessment tool. You can select a module to complete and can save your responses and return to complete the module anytime by selecting the ‘save and continue’ button at the top of the screen where you will be prompted to provide an email address to receive a link to your saved responses.

You can access the self-assessment tool anytime to complete another module or select the same module to re-evaluate your progress towards improving VET delivery to secondary students.


 VET self-assessment tool for schools


A PDF version of the questions and resources in the VET self-assessment tool is available here:

VET self-assessment tool for schools (PDF version)

VET self-assessment tool for schools (DOC version)

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