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Preparing Secondary Students for Work

The Framework


Preparing Secondary Students for Work - A framework for vocational learning and VET delivered to secondary students

The Preparing Secondary Students for Work  framework is a good guide for schools, helping to make sense of the complex environment in which vocational learning and vocational education and training (VET) is delivered to secondary students. 

The framework focuses on four fundamental components claritycollaborationconfidence and core systems to help achieve the vision that ‘all students to have access to quality vocational learning and VET that is integrated into secondary schooling and is valued by students, parents, teachers and employers’.

The framework was developed by a working group established under the Education Council which includes Education Ministers from all states and territories. Following extensive national consultations the framework was endorsed by the Council in December 2014.

The framework clarifies terminology often associated with VET and outlines the purpose and expected outcomes from VET activities. To see the full copy of the framework, click on the links below.


Preparing Secondary Students for Work (PDF)

Preparing Secondary Students for Work (DOC X)


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